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Tugman's Reward Points: 749

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Who is more Stupid Obama or Bush.
1 High Rated Argument Should Guns Be Banned?
1 High Rated Argument gay marriage
1 High Rated Argument Who is more Stupid Obama or Bush.
1 High Rated Argument Israel versus Palestine
1 Added Argument What is your favorite anti-government quote?
2 High Rated Argument School Or Video Games.
4 High Rated Argument Would Mitt Romney be a better president than Barrack Obama.
1 Added Argument Which player should win the Heisman Trophy?
2 Created Debate Which player should win the Heisman Trophy?
1 Added Argument The difference between Conservatives and Liberals is that...
1 Added Argument Does felatio effect your breath?
2 Added Argument I Hate Downvotes Without Rebuttals or For No Reason
1 Added Argument Where were you on 9/11? (survey)
1 Added Argument Is displaying the American flag within the continental U.S., offensive?
1 Added Argument Am I right to dislike white people?
3 Added Argument Which is better... the book or the movie?
1 Added Argument Is President Obama's speech to students motivational or political?
1 Added Argument Is George W Bush a criminal and should there be a trial
1 Added Argument Can you explain Obama's health care plan in a nut shell?
1 Added Argument Vacation Destination, Dubai or Maldives
2 Added Argument Has the race card lost some of its value now that we have a black president?
1 Added Argument 8 years and a hole in the ground.

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